Project Commitment

The goal of The Women in the Applied Science and Engineering Sector LMP Project is to increase the participation of women in the engineering, technologists and technician occupations thorough the implementation of diversity and inclusion strategies to recruit, retain, and support career development for women in these professions. With this in mind, we know we cannot do it alone and in order to move the needle and change perceptions we need to work collaboratively. In turn for the Champions Commitments as outlined above, the Project commits to provide to Champions:
  • A network of individual, secondary and post-secondary school, and employer champions for Champions to learn from and collaborate with,
  • A benchmarking report collected from the data from the partner organization members and participating industry organizations from a Year 1 survey on diversity and inclusion,
  • A report, assessing change, from data collected form the same group in Year 2,
  • A final report on project findings and trends at the completion of the project,
  • Support from the Advancing Women in Engineering and Technology project team in the form of providing resources and activities to support Champions in the development of the various commitments outlined in the above Champion Commitments table, and
  • Access to resources on diversity and inclusion, including webinars, print material, professional development sessions, and activities.
  • An introductory overview video/slide show providing an overview of the project, common messaging to use when engaging stakeholders and project resources available

Champion Commitments

In order to work collaboratively and to gain the greatest mutual benefit for the duration of the project, Champions must agree to:
  • Provide a point of contact for the duration of the project (until March 2021),
  • If asked, participate in the independent project evaluation (project survey),
  • Permit yourself/company/school/district to be included on the Advancing Women in Engineering and Technology webpage, being identified as a Champion in the relevant Champion group, and
  • Have all communication with regards to the project be inclusive in language, tone and image, and align with the project purpose of breaking down barriers and stereotypes to advance women and underrepresented groups in engineering, technology, and applied science.