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Girl Guides – Girls in STEM program provides girls ages 5-17 an opportunity for hands on experience in STEM. Girls can experiment, design, create and imagine as they explore the infinite possibilities of what they can achieve in the world of science, technology, engineering and math. Girls are exposed to engineering through meetings, camps, conferences and workshops. The program also provides support and connections to women mentors in the field.


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Anne Simonen
Guider for the 1st West Nelson Guides

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I’m involved with the Girl Guides of Canada ( I was involved as a youth member for many years, and when I finished my diploma, I wanted to get involved again. I did some research and was really excited to learn that Girl Guides is always seeking greater diversity and the inclusion of all self-identified girls and women. Volunteering with Girl Guides has benefitted my career as I find a lot of Guiders are in engineering and technology careers, and it has also connected me with parents in those careers as well.

I also find being a Guider has helped me as I find I am more connected to my community, and it has also connected me to a network of women who I know I can look to for mentorship, encouragement, or a sympathetic ear. Girl Guides has a strong emphasis on introducing girls to STEM careers, with multiple badges available to earn on the subjects, as well as camps and other events specifically to help youth members explore new careers and introduce them to role models.

(And to bust a myth: you DON’T need to be a parent to volunteer!)


Girls and Steam

Girls and Steam Science is a Science World program aimed at girls 11-13 interested in all things science, technology, engineering, art and design, and math (STEAM). Girls and STEAM puts on events that includes workshops and speakers. Events include the Girls and STEAM Community Showcase which is open to the public and features eye-popping science shows, table-top demonstrations and opportunities to connect with role models and mentors to explore science careers and the cool science happening right here in our community.


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Girls Exploring Physics, Simon Fraser University

Girls Exploring Physics provides free workshops for girls in grades 9-10 located at the SFU Burnaby campus. They provide hands on activity sessions and a tour of the new Trottier astronomical observatory. In 2017 the program expanded to include professional development workshops for secondary science teachers to provide them with strategies to encourage more young women to study physics at the university level.


High School Resources • Professional Development (for high school science teachers) • Speaking to youth in community organizations or schools


Based at UBC, the GIRLsmarts4tech program offers workshops for grade 7 girls in computer science. Programs include demos and hands on activities such as writing HTML computer programs, building a website and 3d printing. The interactive programming helped girls experiment and be creative. Sponsored by various partners including SAP and Microsoft.


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Here to Help

We’re here to help you find quality information, learn new skills, and connect with key resources in BC. Explore strategies to help you take care of your mental health and use substances in healthier ways, find the information you need to manage mental health and substance use problems, and learn how you can support a loved one.


Mental Health

Immigrant Services Society of BC (ISSBC)

ISSofBC’s TechWomen program provides newcomer women with skills in introductory web development and design, technical language skills and job readiness training. Program offers woman-centered curriculum that addresses the specific training needs of newcomer women. Techwomen also provides networking and job shadow opportunities to landed immigrants, caregivers (with open work permit), refugee claimants or naturalized citizen. Applicants must have English Language proficiency Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) level 6 or higher.


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Island Women in Science & Technology

Island Women in Science and Technology (IWIST) is a not for profit society that hosts networking and professional development events on the island for women in STEM. Based on Vancouver Island, IWIST’s mission is to build a trusted community of women in STEM, developing peer connections, learning and growth, and camaraderie.


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Kootenay Association for Science & Technology

KAST – Kootenay Association for Science & Technology manages the program GLOWS (Growing & Learning Opportunities With STEAM) which provides opportunities to help youth ages 5-19 find inspiration about their post-secondary education in a variety of STEAM (Science,Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) disciplines.


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Tanya Malcolm
GLOWS Program Manager for KAST

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Tanya Malcolm is the GLOWS (Growing & Learning Opportunities With STEAM) Program Manager for KAST (Kootenay Association for Science & Technology). GLOWS is the KAST youth program which offers community based STEAM programs to youth in the Kootenay region to inspire and encourage them to continue to expand their knowledge of STEAM, and to pursue further learning opportunities after secondary school.

Tanya’s experience with GLOWS has been extremely satisfying. Her background is in project, program and community management and GLOWS has offered her the opportunity to take her skill set and apply it to a program that directly impacts youth in the region. Contributing to meaningful projects through her work is very important to Tanya and she considers working with kids to be a great privilege and finds it very rewarding. Tanya’s work experience includes planning, collaborating and delivering STEAM based learning opportunities for students in grades K-12.

Tanya’s career in STEAM would not exist if it were not for the experience GLOWS has provided her. Her career path is a beautiful example of an organic development that has led to work within a sector that continues to inspire, challenge and excite her to develop both professionally and in women’s leadership.

Developing STEAM programs for youth has demanded Tanya stay on top of trends in science & technology, demands of the workforce, innovation in education and most importantly youth perspectives. Listening to youth voices is always inspiring and educator, leadership and mentorship opportunities through GLOWS can be both rewarding and valuable.

Seeing more women leading and teaching youth STEAM programs, mentoring youth and advocating for youth in tech provides youth in our region an important perspective – women in STEAM are competent, valuable and giving back. It is beneficial for all youth, no matter their gender identity,  to experience female STEAM leaders, but it is essential for our advancement for girls and young women to see the potential available to them through exposure to women lead STEAM learning opportunities.

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Langara College: 449 Women in Science Circle

Langara College is proud of all the women who have chosen to start their STEM careers with them. 49 Women in Science wants to help break down the barriers many of Langara’s students will face as they follow their science dreams. 49 Women in Science will provide philanthropic support, resources, and access to 49 Women in Science mentors to prepare students for a successful STEM career.

The 49 Women in Science Circle brings together successful women who want to support, create opportunities for, and have an impact on young women who study and seek to establish careers in the STEM field. Funds raised by the 49 Women in Science Circle will support and nurture women as they study at Langara and move on to further education and careers.  Beyond the awards, Circle members will also come together to network and mentor STEM students through a series of events hosted by the Circle throughout the year.

By joining the 49 Women in Science circle, you will not only have a positive financial impact by providing scholarships and bursaries to STEM students, but will provide a network of supports to current and future Langara students.  If you would like to learn more about the 49 Women in Science, please contact


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Anja Lanz
Design Engineer, EIT

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I am participating in key leadership roles in many committees and organizations. I sit on advisory boards and steering committees, participate or lead initiatives, and be an active contributing member. I also act as a mentor to those that are interested in learning from others.

My professional career in STEM is independent from my community involvements. However, I have always been able to find employers that value my extra curricular community work.

I have been able to become involved in some amazing projects and have been nominated for committees or initiatives, for which others appreciate the expertise that I bring.

We need to build a critical mass to advance women in engineering and technology. So far, the work rests on a few organizations and individuals that put in their energy and time. All of us can definitely use more input and support, and since we all value diversity, that is actually only achieved if more come forward and join groups and organizations, and become partners in the goal to advance women in engineering and technology. We also need to bridge to more men as goal sharers. Without collaboration across genders, we don’t move forward.

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Living Life to the Full

This 8-week community-based course provides simple, practical skills for coping with stress, problem solving, boosting your mood, and busting bad thoughts. Living Life to the Full certified facilitators present a new topic at each weekly class, bringing the skills to life though booklets, worksheets, group activities and discussions.


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