Women in Engineering (WiE)

Women in Engineering (WiE)

UBC’s Together WiE Can initiative is aimed at increasing female enrollment in UBC Engineering from 18 to 30 per cent. Supports scholarships for outstanding students, supports outreach programs for K-12 student, teachers and parents to help encourage young women to consider engineering.


Goals of Together WiE Can:

• Increase female enrollment in UBC engineering to 50 per cent through outreach, recruitment and retention
• Ensure proportional representation of women and other underrepresented groups in the profession of engineering
Encourage girls and their “influencers” (teachers and parents) to choose engineering as a career choice
Promote participation of alumni and donors in engineering education and outreach initiatives
Diversify industry pipelines in STEM to foster innovation


Elementary School Resources • High School Resources • Scholarships • Mentorship • Speaking to youth in community organizations or schools