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The Advancing Women In Engineering and
Technology Project: Project Summary

July 2021

This Advancing Women in Engineering and Technology (AWET) Project report summarizes the results of the two-year project. The report includes an overview of the project, partners, initiatives/activities, sector resources, a jurisdictional scan, and next steps.



The Advancing Women In Engineering
and Technology Project: Final Research Report

April 2021

This report produced by the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC), reviews existing literature, incorporates data from those in the sector to explore the factors that contribute to successful diversity and inclusion initiatives, to identify the major barriers and to consider the insights a GBA+ lens brings to the understanding of diversity and inclusion for equity seeking groups in the sector. A key learning is that diversity and inclusion are not an event; they are a process. The data included in this report suggests the way to increase diversity in the sector must include changing organizational culture so that it is not only more diverse but more inclusive as well. If initiatives are to achieve this, they must be authentic, intentional and go beyond legislative compliance to remove biases encountered in engineering and technology organizations. The promising practices identified in this report suggest practical steps to increase diversity and inclusion.


The Advancing Careers in Engineering
and Applied Sciences Survey

March 2020

The Advancing Women In Engineering and Technology project conducted an online survey with members of ASTTBC and Engineers and Geoscientists BC in the Fall of 2019. The aim of this survey was to support the development of diversity and inclusion strategies by collecting data on the views and experiences of career development from those working in the sector. The summary of the survey results can be downloaded below.


Inclusion and Diversity
Making it Happen in Engineering and Technology

The Advancing Women in Engineering and Technology (AWET) Project has created an Infographic to show how women and people from equity seeking groups are underrepresented in the engineering and technology sector, why inclusion is important, and what to do about increasing the numbers.