Secondary champions

A Secondary School Champion is committed to encouraging girls to participate in Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) field courses and programs. These Schools will commit to breaking down stereotypes in engineering, applied science and technology. Schools will seek opportunities to demonstrate how these subjects connect to a career in these industries.



Policies & Practices

  • Strive to use communications for inclusive language, examining both internal and external communications.

  • Commit to assessing and adopting hiring procedures that are inclusive. E.g. inclusive language in job postings, candidate shortlists with at least one woman candidate, and at least one woman on the hiring and interview committee.



  • Empower schools and staff to incorporate diverse teachings, language, and practices into classroom learning.

  • Encourage allyship and mentorship between students and engineering and applied science professionals.

  • Educate staff, instructors, and individuals on sensitivities and barriers facing women in STEM industries.



  • Provide, promote, and encourage job shadow, “take your child to work day”, co-op, and work-learn opportunities to female students.


Retention and Advancement

  • Commit to continuous development of internal workplace policies, training, and guidelines to ensure that women and represented at all levels of business, including management and senior levels.

  • Encourage and support allyship and mentorship opportunities and programs; these programs maybe employer sponsored programs or existing programs that are offered through various organizations.