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NGO CSW Feminist and Womens Movement Action Plan

NGO CSW Generation Equality

NGO CSW facilitates a platform for the voices and leadership of feminists and women’s rights organizations globally who lobby for their inclusion in the UN deliberations in pursuit of gender equality.

NGO CSW ensures that the voices and leadership of feminist and women’s rights organizations all over the world are included in UN deliberations such as the annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). We facilitate the largest gathering of civil society at the UN in support of women by hosting 10,000 women from around the world, coordinating and scheduling their 400 parallel events.

NGO CSW hosts a two-week NGO Forum, where activists gather from around the world to discuss issues pertaining to women and girls, to network, share strategies/best practices and to lobby governments at the CSW. We also conduct advocacy trainings, prepare an orientation, offer spaces to exchange and collaborate, and host regional caucus discussions.

NGO CSW holds monthly meetings featuring NGOs, UN, and government speakers, promote a gender perspective at the UN and other international meetings, publish reports analyzing UN processes and meetings through a gender lens, have a young professional’s program, and facilitate an internship program.


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Anja Lanz
Design Engineer, EIT

LinkedIn Profile

I am participating in key leadership roles in many committees and organizations. I sit on advisory boards and steering committees, participate or lead initiatives, and be an active contributing member. I also act as a mentor to those that are interested in learning from others.

My professional career in STEM is independent from my community involvements. However, I have always been able to find employers that value my extra curricular community work.

I have been able to become involved in some amazing projects and have been nominated for committees or initiatives, for which others appreciate the expertise that I bring.

We need to build a critical mass to advance women in engineering and technology. So far, the work rests on a few organizations and individuals that put in their energy and time. All of us can definitely use more input and support, and since we all value diversity, that is actually only achieved if more come forward and join groups and organizations, and become partners in the goal to advance women in engineering and technology. We also need to bridge to more men as goal sharers. Without collaboration across genders, we don’t move forward.


Women in Leadership Foundation (WIL)

Founded in 2001, Women in Leadership Foundation (WIL) delivers inspirational programs that bring women together to collaborate in the development of their leadership skills & creates positive change in the future of women’s leadership. Over 50,000+ women participants in WIL programs that showcase role models and help more women become leaders including a Women in Tech Forum Committee.

WIL and its programs are only possible due to dedicated volunteers that sit on the local Chapter Executive, Committees and other support roles. WIL offers challenging volunteer leadership opportunities that helps expand women’s networks and leadership development across Canada.

WIL features mentorship opportunities, events, and a comprehensive job board Leading Talent, the WIL Career Portal. WIL recently launched a new mentorship program – 2021 Women in Leadership Virtual Mentorship Program.

WIL’s VISION: Advancing women in leadership while celebrating the contributions women make in the private and public sector.


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Michelle Blake
Vice President & Resources Business Group Director at HDR

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Michelle started volunteering as a mentor with a program called Women in Leadership Foundation (WIL) and participating in Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s Women in Engineering and GeoScience Division. She became more focused on promoting women in engineering by volunteering as a presenter/panelist to many groups, including schools, STEM programs, Science World, and universities, as well as attending UBC Alumni events. Her experiences gave her insight on how to speak with young women about careers in the engineering field, for example, she noted that women tend to prefer collaboration instead of competition and elitism.

Michelle has worked in male dominated sectors for several companies and has participated in formal equity programs in addition to informally advocating for equality in the workplace. In her workplace, she actively supports diversity and inclusion initiatives, including mentorship and sponsoring regional D&I groups. The highlight of Michelle’s career was recently she was approached by three women from the engineering sector, with no program affiliation, who asked her to be their mentor.

The one piece of advice Michelle emphasized was no matter how much time you have, it is important to give back to women in the sector; get out and volunteer – the rewards are enormous.