Canadian Gender and Good Governance Alliance

We believe that enhancing the numbers and impact of women in senior executive positions will provide the pipeline for sustained gender balance on boards. The Alliance is committed to partnering with businesses, investors, governments and regulators in addressing this essential aspect of the ecosystem.


Catalyst Toolkit for Startups Recruiting Diverse Talent

When you’re growing rapidly, it can be incredibly easy to default to what’s “easy.” When startups do this, they tend to build a team of people who are fairly homogeneous and usually looks like the founders. If you build a diverse team with inclusive values and process from the beginning, it will be easier to continue growing a diverse team over time. By contrast, it’s really difficult to reverse course when you’re larger.


Dell Diversity and Inclusion Report

Building a workforce that’s representative of the diverse and global customers we serve is not only morally correct, it’s a business imperative. Homogenous companies can easily fall prey to groupthink and talent shortages. Both are bad for business. Inclusive companies innovate at the highest levels and have incredibly positive employee engagement and retention. Both drive positive business outcomes.



Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion

The research that feeds our reports and toolkits zeros in on the topics of diversity and inclusion, and employment equity, identified as the most pressing issues in Canadian workplaces, according to our key contacts at our Employer Partners. We partner with leading academic institutions on our research publications where there are overlapping areas of study.